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  • 4 Day Festival Passes

    4 Day Festival Passes

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    • How to Arrive / Getting to Unum Festival Fly to us ? - ....but book early!!! From almost anywhere in Europe, you can fly directly to several airports near the festival resort, where official festival transfers will be provided as part of your package or at a cost of only €20 return. All arrival points permit stress-free entry to EU citizens/US citizens as well as many other countries also. No visa is required and international visitors are gladly welcomed, so book your seat NOW before prices increase and flights sell out. Tirana International Airport (TIA) is most recommended, 1 hour away from Shengjin with 100s of direct flights from European cities each day. Get to Unum Festival by flying to: Tirana Airport (TIA): 1 hour transfer time to/from festival Podgorica Airport (TGD): 2 hour transfer time to/from festival Pristina Airport (PRN): 3 hour transfer time to/from festival Transfers are included as part of all festival packages (ticket+accommodation+transfer) or can be bought separately for €20 return from any arrival point. Please allow for sufficient transfer/connection time for your flight…. unless you decide to miss it on purpose!! :-).